30W-250W Micro gear reduction motor

This series of mechatronic products are combined by three parts: micro gear reducer of K series, electronic governor, micro motor capable of operating in reverse direction. Through the different combinations of the three parts, the whole machine can have different performance. The whole machine can not only use the gear box to obtain any fixed speed, but also can achieve the goal of stepless speed regulation through electronic speed governor. Due to have wind range of reduction, high force-energy, convenient to use and higher operation reliability , etc., This series of products are widely used in light industry machinery, packaging machinery, food machinery, textile machinery, cosmetics (beauty) machinery, printing equipment, instruments and various automation equipment, production lines.

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  • Name Specification Characteristics
    Micro gear reduction motor model: NB45-NB85 High transmission efficiency, good rigidity, strong overload capability and long service life.
    Primary gear ratio:7-25
    Motor Power: 30W-250W