Burner motor

Oil burner motors each feature oil burner flange for direct coupling to a domestic oil burner. The motors also include quick-change reversing terminals.

Oil burner motors supply power to the fan and oil pump inside an oil burner. The fan pulls air into the oil burner to fuel the combustion of the oil. The pump draws oil from an oil tank into the oil burner tube, where the oil is turned into a fine spray that's ignited to create a flame.

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  • This Universal Burner motor Replacement Motor for a Compatible Burner is a great fit for your applicable Pressure Washer with Hot Water output.

    Be made of seleceted quality material, latest design in entirety
    Good performance, low noise, little vibration, safe and reliable coopeation
    Nice appreance, light weight
    Be maintained very convenienty, simple constuction.