Why the prices of different types of gear reducers vary greatly

Update:09 Jun 2020

The reducer is a set of device which realizes the speed conversion through the transmission ratio between gears, and only in the reducer there are dozens of gear types that we are familiar with, so they often have big differences between different models. In the reducer, the use of gear is not only as a reduction mechanism, but also a part which needs to bear a lot of torque. Therefore, the price of gear reducer is often determined by the form of gear used to drive torque.
And the production of gears also has different standards. The price of high-precision gears is usually several times higher than that of ordinary precision gears. In this way, the cost of different types of gear reducers without much difference in appearance will appear in different grades.
Therefore, according to the price of gear reducer, we must make it match according to the occasion. Otherwise, it will be overqualified or fail to meet the use standard.

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