What is the working principle of gear reducer?

Update:03 Apr 2020

Gear reducer uses gear transmission at all levels to achieve the purpose of speed reduction. The reducer is composed of gear pairs at all levels. For example, using small gears to drive big gears can achieve a certain purpose of speed reduction, and then using multi-level structure can greatly reduce the speed
Gear reducer
Gear reducer is an external involute helical cylindrical gear reducer produced in accordance with the national professional standard zbj19004. It is widely used in East China as a rotating mechanism of tower crane machinery, widely used in metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation, cement, construction, chemical industry, textile, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical and other fields.
Scope of application
1. High speed shaft rotation shall not be more than 1500 rpm.
2. The peripheral speed of gear transmission shall not be greater than 20 m / s.
3. The working environment temperature is - 40-45 ℃. If it is lower than 0 ℃, the lubricating oil shall be preheated to above 0 ℃ before starting.
4. The gear reducer can be used to operate in both positive and negative directions.
Machine features
1. The gear is made of high-strength low-carbon alloy steel by carburizing and quenching. The hardness of the tooth surface is up to HRC58-62. The gears are all made of CNC grinding technology with high precision and good contact.
2. High transmission rate: single stage is more than 96.5%, double stage is more than 93%, and three stage is more than 90%.
3. Stable operation and low noise.
4. Small volume, light weight, long service life and high bearing capacity.
5. Easy to dismantle and check, easy to install

Gear reducer

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