What is the effect of thermal degradation on the performance of high-power and high-voltage motors

Update:17 Sep 2021

Electrical reliability is a very important functional requirement in the use of three-phase asynchronous motor products. It is mainly achieved by the motor temperature rise produced by the motor manufacturer, especially in the manufacture of high-power and high-voltage motors.

Therefore, the temperature rise of the motor windings is a key indicator to consider the quality of the motor manufacturers' products. This is the case for ordinary three-phase asynchronous motors, and there is no exception for high-power and high-voltage motors.

In order to ensure that high-power motors do not have a fever, motor manufacturers must make in-depth and detailed examinations in addition to leaving enough margins during design, and the machining process and detailed operating conditions when put into use in the motor manufacturing process. Motor manufacturers can follow these conditions To optimize the motor production process.

Poor welding during the production and processing of high-power and high-voltage motor windings will cause local temperature of the windings to increase and winding resistance to increase; damage to the anti-corona layer of the windings will cause corona discharge when the motor is running;

Excessive motor vibration will damage the winding insulation; conductive foreign objects entering the windings, poor conditions during actual use, etc., may cause damage to the motor windings. All of these factors may directly cause fatal damage to the conductive windings, and the city threatens the normal operation of the motor.

When the operating temperature of the winding is higher than the allowable value of the insulation, the bonding power of the insulation and the strength of the machine will be low, causing the insulation to flow glue, aging, delamination, loosening, and peeling, which accelerates the insulation thermal degradation speed and shortens the use of high-power high-voltage motors. life.

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