What is the cause of motor vibration

Update:08 May 2021

The vibration of the motor will shorten the winding insulation and bearing life, affect the normal lubrication of the sliding bearing, and the vibration force will promote the expansion of the insulation gap, which will cause the intrusion of external dust and moisture, resulting in low insulation resistance and increased leakage current, even forming insulation Disruption such as breakdown.

1. Uneven air gap causes motor vibration

Cause unilateral electromagnetic tension, and unilateral electromagnetic tension and negative air gap further increase, this kind of electromechanical contamination is expressed as motor vibration.

2. The motor shaft does not enter the motion balance detection

The electromagnetic pulling force caused by the rotor's own gravity or the degree of installation and the magnetic center difference pool causes the motor to move in the axial direction, causing the motor to vibrate and increase the vibration of the motor. The gears and couplings connected to the motor have shortcomings. This kind of obstruction is mainly expressed as poor gear engagement, serious gear tooth wear, poor lubrication of the wheel, skewed and misaligned coupling, gear coupling tooth profile, tooth pitch difference pool, excessive clearance or serious wear, and urban causes inevitable vibration.

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