What customers should pay attention to when purchasing high-power motors

Update:25 Apr 2021

Customers should pay more attention to these points when purchasing high-power motors: materials, manufacturer qualifications, quality systems, etc...factors, not just value!

Because these factors are the key factors that affect the quality and life of the motor, the motor made from high-quality materials and those made from inferior materials can have a lot of difference in value, but the service life of a high-quality motor under a normal environment is absolutely necessary. It is longer than the inferior electricity produced by small workshops, and the obstruction rate is much lower.

1. Manufacturing materials for high-power motors
This is very important, because a high-power three-phase asynchronous motor made of high-quality materials is estimated to have a service life of 20 years longer!

2. The manufacturing process of motor windings
Customers need to pay special attention to this. For motors that run for a long time, especially high-power motors, the insulation system includes damage to the enameled copper wire of the winding, and short circuits may occur when the motor runs.
You can make sure that you are using high-quality windings by asking the motor manufacturer about the manufacturing process of the motor windings and the use of copper wires.

3. The material utilization of electrical secrets harmful components by motor manufacturers
The copper slot full rate of the rotor of the motor, the copper slot full rate is the amount of copper wire, the longer the core, the more copper wire will be used at the same time, the higher the slot full rate, the more copper wire is used, and the copper wire is sufficient. , The performance of the motor will be better, and some disciples will reduce the slot shape of the stator without changing the length of the core, so as to eliminate the amount of copper wire and reduce the cost.
There are many manufacturers of three-phase asynchronous motors, and the quality and value of each are not communicated. Although my country has already drawn up the standards of motor production design skills, many companies have conducted mediation on the motor design according to the market segmentation needs, so as to form a motor on the market. Functional difference.

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