What are the requirements for a high-quality three-phase asynchronous motor

Update:26 May 2021

There are many three-phase asynchronous motor manufacturers, and the quality and value of each are not communicated. Although my country has already drawn up the standards for motor production design skills, many companies have conducted adjustments to motor design according to market segmentation needs, and thus formed the market for motors. The functions are different.

Then how can you buy a genuine inverter motor, and how to distinguish the black and white of the motor quality?

1. Look at the specifications of the motor silicon steel sheet

Silicon steel sheet is an important component of the motor. Together with copper wire, it accounts for the main cost of the motor. Silicon copper sheets are divided into cold-rolled steel sheets and hot-rolled steel sheets. The country has long advocated the abandonment of hot-rolled sheets. Rolled pieces are manufactured, and the cold-rolled piece function can be seen in the grades. Generally, DW800, DW600, DW470, etc. are recycled.

Second, measure the length of the iron core of the motor

The stator and rotor of the motor are made of die-casting silicon steel sheet. The length of the die-casting and the fine density of the die-casting have a lot of influence on the performance of the motor. The longer the die-casting length of the iron core is, the more compact, the better the power performance.

Some small motor manufacturers reduce the cost by shortening the core length or depreciating the silicon steel sheet grades, and the motor value is low.

Three, the full rate of the copper slot of the stator and rotor of the motor

The copper wire trough full rate refers to the amount of copper wire used. The longer the core, the more copper wire will be used. The higher the slot full rate, the more copper wire will be used. The copper wire is sufficient and the motor performance will be better. In order to reduce the amount of copper wire and reduce the cost, the electric motor manufacturer will reduce the slot shape of the stator without changing the length of the core.



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