Under what circumstances will the brake motor have a fire

Update:12 Mar 2021

The cause of the fire of the brake motor is mainly caused by improper selection, improper use, or poor maintenance. The poor quality of some brake motors is also the cause of fire. The main fire parts of a brake motor are windings, leads, iron cores, brushes and bearings. Motor accessory equipment such as switches, fuses and power distribution devices also pose a fire hazard. The brake motor manufacturer pointed out that there are seven main reasons for the motor's fire:
7 major causes of fires in brake motors
1. Brake motor overload
Overload operation of the motor, low voltage and excessive iron loss of the brake motor will cause overload.
2. Short circuit
Motor short circuit is divided into short circuit between turns, short circuit between phases and short circuit to ground.
3. Poor contact
If the contacts of the connecting coils or lead wires are loose, the contact resistance will increase.
4. Improper selection
Different types of motors should be used in different places, otherwise a fire will occur.
5. Single-phase operation
When the brake motor continues to run when one phase is not energized, single-phase current flows through the other two phases. This state is called single-phase operation.
6. Mechanical friction
There is friction during the rotation of the brake motor, and the friction will increase the temperature of the motor.
7. Poor grounding device
When the brake motor is short-circuited to the ground, if there is no reliable grounding protection, the case will be charged.

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