The difference between planetary reducer and Harmonic Planetary Reducer?

Update:16 Jul 2020

Planetary gear reducer is an industrial product. Planetary reducer is a transmission mechanism. Its structure is closely connected with the gearbox shell by an inner gear ring. There is a sun gear driven by external power in the center of the ring gear. There is a set of planetary gear set which is composed of three gears equally on the tray. The planetary gear group relies on the output shaft, inner gear ring and sun gear When the input side power drives the sun gear, it can drive the planetary gear to rotate and rotate along the center according to the track of the inner gear ring. The rotation of the planet drives the output shaft connected to the tray to output power. The speed converter of gear is used to decelerate the rotation number of motor (motor) to the required rotation number, and obtain a larger torque mechanism. Among the reducer mechanisms used to transmit power and motion, planetary reducer belongs to precision reducer.

Harmonic reducer is mainly composed of three basic components: wave generator, flexible gear and rigid gear. Harmonic drive reducer is a kind of gear transmission which can generate controllable elastic deformation of flexible gear by wave generator and mesh with rigid gear to transfer motion and power.
Planetary reducer and harmonic reducer have different working principle, transmission mode and application industry.


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