The difference between DC motor and stepping micromotor!

Update:20 Dec 2019

BLDCM is a kind of motor with high performance. The main feature of its Zui is the external characteristic of DC motor without the composition of BLDCM
Structure, it uses permanent magnet rotor, no excitation loss, the hot armature winding is installed on the outer stator, so as to heat dissipation
Stepping micromotor is a kind of open-loop control element step motor which transforms electric pulse signal into angular displacement or linear displacement. It's not overloaded
The speed and stop position only depend on the frequency and number of pulses of the pulse signal, and will not be affected by the load change. Then there's another one between them
How about Fang?
Firstly, the speed of DC motor is higher than that of stepping motor. Secondly, the driving principle of DC motor and stepping motor is different
Hall elements are positioned to provide alternating power to control rotation. The stepper motor is directly driven by a single pulse voltage, which can be switched on
The number of pulses of the machine can accurately locate the rotation angle.

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