Talking about the relationship between motor operating temperature and temperature rise

Update:25 Aug 2021

Temperature and temperature rise are two parameters that are difficult to bypass for any kind of motor product. The reliable and safe judgment of whether the motor can run unchanged can be clarified from the operating temperature and winding temperature rise of various parts of the motor.

How to measure the temperature and temperature rise of the motor? Spread the temperature measurement points on the key nodes such as the fever parts of the motor, the revenue and expenditure vents and the bearings, and filter the temperature effect when calculating the frequency conversion temperature rise, and evaluate the thermal stability of the motor on time. The temperature of each component will exceed how many degrees relative to the surrounding conditions . The values ​​of the two parameters must not be higher than the industry standard. Excessive operating temperature or temperature rise means that the variable frequency motor may not be able to operate safely forever.

The temperature is an absolute value, and the size is related to the measurement unit; the temperature rise is a relative value, and the size has nothing to do with the measurement unit. In the use of high-power variable frequency motors, for detailed inspection parts such as windings and bearings, the temperature has an intuitive evaluation cost. If the temperature is higher than a certain critical value, it will not be able to operate as expected, and the service life of the motor will be greatly reduced, and even the operating conditions will be affected. Deteriorating rapidly and destroying the motor. The temperature rise value can be used as a basis for judging whether the electrical properties can run unchanged under detailed working conditions.

According to the above explanation, we can understand that: in the use of high-power variable-frequency motors, the temperature rise value plus the value of the situation temperature is not higher than the tolerable temperature of the material or parts, and the high-power variable-frequency motor can run peacefully and unchangingly; The more the tolerable temperature, the higher the reliability of the inverter motor (provided that the inverter motor manufacturer satisfies the requirements for the apparent treatment and protection grade of the high-power inverter motor).

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