EDM punch features

Update:23 Jul 2019

Perforation is mainly used for the top hole, die hole, threading hole, special workpiece hole and so on. At present, it is widely used in automobile manufacturing, medical equipment, aerospace and other industries. At present, some better punching machines include Suzhou Baoma and other brands. 

1. It is suitable for processing various conductive materials such as stainless steel, hardened steel, hard alloy, copper and aluminum.

2. The processing aperture is Φ0.3~Φ3.0mm, and the maximum depth-to-diameter ratio can reach more than 200:1.

3. The processing speed can reach 20~60mm per minute.

4, directly from the slope, curved surface.

5. The X, Y and Z axes of the workbench are equipped with digital display devices.

6, with electrode automatic trimming function.

7. The spindle lift has a fast up and down function.

8, with processing voltage adjustable function.

9, with edge positioning function.

10, 1.0mm or more pore size can be directly used tap water as working fluid. The pore size below 1.0mm is selected from industrial pure water or tap water according to local water quality.

Be sure to pay attention when purchasing the puncher. Don't pick it because the price is not high. Even if it is an accessory, you should choose a large enterprise. If there are problems, they can be solved in time.

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