Four aspects of the maintenance of the fine hole discharge machine

Update:11 Jul 2019

Below we will briefly talk about the four aspects of the maintenance of the fine hole discharge machine that we need to pay attention to.

1. The crankshaft inside the punching machine water pump is subjected to very large pressure, so the lubricating oil will be replaced immediately after a period of work. If it is not replaced in time, it will have serious consequences. Because the pump is a very important part in the small hole machine, if there is a problem with this part, it will affect the use of the whole machine.

2. The rotary head of the punching machine works under high pressure. His seal needs to be replaced regularly. If it is replaced by water leakage, it may be that the water has penetrated into the bearing, and the loss is even greater.

3. The mechanical part of the punching machine (mainly the moving part) needs to add lubricating oil or rail oil as required. In recent years, the development of small hole machine has been widely used in precision mold processing. It is generally used as an auxiliary equipment for EDM machine tools. It is used for wire-cutting, chemical fiber spinneret and sieve plate of EDM. Group holes, engine blades, heat dissipation holes for cylinders, air passage holes, etc., suitable for cutting initial holes, nozzle holes, filter holes, pores, group holes, etc. of various metals and super-hard conductor materials, ultra-deep holes Processing.

4. After each use of the punching machine, clean the water and workpiece residue on the work surface. Also clean the dust inside the electrical box frequently. This is beneficial to the heat dissipation effect of the electrical components. The dust on the printed circuit board is not If it is removed, it will easily absorb the moisture and corrosive substances in the air for a long time, and corrode the original small conductive copper skin, causing the machine to malfunction.

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