On the insulation method of outdoor dedicated three-phase asynchronous motor

Update:09 Apr 2021

In the actual process, some customers are blindly pursuing low prices, and some motor manufacturers are also blindly competing at low prices. In the end, they will have the effect of selling dog meat. The real outdoor motors should be deployed from the outside. The connotation of the design and the holding of restraint, today Hubei Wanbang Motor Factory will share a simple and simple sharing with everyone.

The protection of outdoor special motors is mainly based on layout protection to prevent the intrusion of small animals, rain, snow, wind and sand. The black-and-white of the level of the enclosure seal lies in the treatment of shaft extension and lead-out.

The bearing department of the outdoor special motor is equipped with a water throwing ring. The junction box and the base should be wide and flat. A sealing gasket should be provided in between, and the inlet should have a sealing sleeve. The end cap and the lifting ring hole should be rubber gaskets. , Fastening screws should be recycled countersunk head screws and sealing washers. The ventilation layout of the outdoor motor adopts a layout that prevents wind, snow or foreign objects from entering.

Ventilation pipes can be used, or baffles can be arranged in the air ducts to disperse rain, snow and sand. Dust filters can be added in dusty areas.

In addition to the selection of appropriate insulation materials for outdoor special motors, the correct insulation treatment process is recycled to form a complete protective layer on the insulation surface. For protection from sunlight, a sun visor can be installed on the top of the shell. There is a certain interval to prevent direct heat transfer.

Outdoor motors can be treated similarly to the insulation of tropical motors. The growth of new insulation materials and new insulation technology over the years has made it possible to reliably seal the motor winding section without shutting down the entire motor. In many countries, the recovery protection type replaces the fully closed, protection type outdoor motor, and the sealed winding can be recovered. That is, the winding is made of non-hygroscopic insulating material and electromagnetic wire. After the stator windings are loosely packed, the drip dipping or recycling overall dipping process is used. The windings and the discussion are all sealed to prevent pollution and adapt to outdoor conditions.

Therefore, when choosing an outdoor special motor manufacturer, everyone should pay attention to whether they are satisfied with the above environment, so as not to purchase an outdoor special motor that does not meet their own requirements.

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