How to maintain the motor in the process of utilization

Update:15 Apr 2021

There are many factors that affect the service life of the motor, such as the quality of the motor, the utilization situation, and the scheduled maintenance. Among them, the scheduled maintenance of the motor is particularly important, which can effectively increase the service life of the motor.

Because the motor is composed of many parts, its life span is by no means a single factor that can affect it. Before a dull obstacle occurs, it is especially necessary to take precautions before they happen.

1. Intensify the inspection and monitoring of electric motors

If the screws of the motor terminal board are loose or damaged, they will be repaired as soon as they are invented; if the bearing grease is rich, whether the bearing has fever or rust, etc., it should be dealt with separately according to the environment to ensure that it is in a normal working condition; Even whether there is stagnant water, atmospheric conditions, whether parts are missing or rusty, etc., the city has various unpredictable effects on the mobilizer, which affects its useful life, which makes checking and monitoring of things in the entire work process. The position in is very important.

2. Real-time inspection of motor obstruction

As we all know, once the motor is obstructed, other negative effects will not be mentioned, but the impact on its useful life cannot be ignored.

Common obstacles such as burning of the motor caused by bearing wear, deformation or falling of parts leading to mechanical damage, etc. If the obstacle cannot be dealt with in real time, it will increase the damage of the motor itself and the defects of its results, and its useful life will be maximized. Therefore, once the machine obstruction occurs, relevant personnel should conduct an inspection in real time, clarify the cause and location of the obstruction, and contact the motor manufacturer to obtain a maintenance plan in real time, so as to restore the integrity of the motor and its integrity as much as possible. Use the results, as far as possible does not affect its useful life.

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