How to choose servo motor and step motor correctly

Update:26 Dec 2020

1. Q: how to choose servo motor and stepping motor correctly?
A: the main requirements are acceleration and deceleration, torque and inertia control. Power supply is DC or AC power supply, or battery power supply, voltage range. According to this, the model of the motor and its driver or controller can be determined.

2. Q: step motor or servo motor system?
A: in fact, what kind of motor should be selected depends on the specific application, and each has its own characteristics.
3. Q: how to use stepping motor driver?
A: according to the current of the motor, it is equipped with a driver greater than or equal to the current. If low vibration or high precision is needed, subdivision driver can be used. For high torque motor, high voltage driver should be used as much as possible to obtain good high speed performance.

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