How should the manufacturer customize the motor

Update:06 Aug 2021

Three-phase asynchronous motor products will be affected by surrounding conditions in the process of utilization. Especially the motors used under some extraordinary conditions require the motor manufacturers to customize the motors.

The extraordinary utilization of three-phase asynchronous motors includes natural climate conditions: tropical, ocean, and plateau conditions. Family status: Corrupted spleen, explosive spleen, bumpy temperature, bumpy pressure, solid particles and dust, special machine load, etc.

Regardless of the two types of extraordinary circumstances, the natural weather conditions and the family property conditions, some are single infiltration of the motor, and some are integrated in a combination of several factors (such as the tropical outdoor where there is a risk of corrosion and explosion); some are intermittently infested, and some are Continuous infiltration, coupled with the difference in the order of infiltration of various factors, causes different effects, and thus forms a very huge environment.

Temperature influence, due to the high temperature of the situation, the heat dissipation of the motor is affected, and the focus is low. High temperature and strong ultraviolet radiation will accelerate the aging of insulating materials. The relative humidity in dry and hot areas sometimes drops to 3%. High temperature drying will cause the insulation to dry up, shrink, deform and crack. The high temperature will easily cause the glue to be lost. Low temperature makes rubber and plastics harden, pipes are brittle and cracked, lubricating grease and coolant are frozen.

The influence of high humidity and moisture, high relative humidity may cause condensation on the appearance. When the humidity is higher than 95%, water droplets are often condensed inside the motor, which makes the metal parts easy to rust, the grease is damp and deteriorates, and the insulation material is damp and swells. It is soft and sticky, the machine and electrical functions deteriorate, and it is prone to insulation breakdown and appearance flashover.

Atmospheric pressure, in plateau areas (above 1,000 meters), because the atmosphere density decreases with the increase in altitude, the temperature rise of the motor is increased and the focus is decreased. The corona initial voltage of the high-voltage motor will also decrease accordingly. If the motor runs permanently with corona, it will affect the service life and safe operation of the motor.

In addition, the alteration of altitude also has a great impact on DC commutation and brush wear. Under atmospheric conditions lacking moisture and oxygen (exceptionally moisture), the formation rate of the surface cuprous oxide film will slow down and cannot be balanced with wear. , Thus leading to deterioration of commutation and increased brush wear.

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