How does electromagnetic speed regulating motor realize stepless speed regulation

Update:08 Oct 2021

Electromagnetic speed-regulating motors are basically equipped with a speed-regulating coil and a measuring and transmitting coil in the asynchronous motor. The speed governor controls the current in the slip excitation winding in the electromagnetic speed-regulating motor and regulates the output speed.

Therefore, the electromagnetic speed regulating motor is also called the slip motor. The electromagnetic speed regulating motor has a large speed control ratio, simple layout, convenient control, large starting torque and stable starting. It is suitable for textile, chemical, food and other household products.

How does the electromagnetic speed regulation motor realize stepless speed regulation?

The electromagnetic speed-regulating motor is composed of a single-speed or multi-speed squirrel-cage asynchronous motor and an electromagnetic slip condenser. It is also often called a slip motor and is a constant-torque exchange stepless variable-speed motor.

The focus of the electromagnetic speed control motor is the electromagnetic slip fuser. The poles are relatively reliable, and the claw poles with the N pole and the S pole are scattered under the drive of the asynchronous motor to rotate. The solid armature cuts the magnetic line of force and feels the eddy current. It rotates under the influence of the claw pole magnetic field to start the output shaft to output the machine power.

Adjusting the size of the claw pole excitation current can adjust the coupling degree of the eddy current magnetic field and the claw pole magnetic field, which may be said to be the speed difference, so as to achieve speed regulation. If the rotation speed of the solid armature and the claw pole magnetic field are synchronized, the eddy current cannot be felt, and the solid armature loses the driving force of rotation—electromagnetic force, so it is also called an electromagnetic slip speed motor. It is not difficult to imagine that this type of motor has a combined layout, which is mainly composed of a drag motor, an electromagnetic slip condenser and a tachometer generator. The tachometer generator feeds back the speed signal to the controller, and competes with the speed set by the controller. Issue an instruction to increase or decrease the speed of the solid armature.

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