How do motor manufacturers build high-efficiency motors

Update:12 Aug 2021

High-efficiency motors are important power output devices that are widely used in domestic equipment. What manufacturers need to pay attention to when purchasing is the level of process guarantee of the motor manufacturer. Moreover, the process of continuous improvement of the efficiency of high-efficiency motors produced by high-efficiency motor manufacturers is the process of continuous product upgrading, and it is also a symbol of the comprehensive degree of national motor family properties.

The key point for motor manufacturers to deal with high-efficiency motors is to reduce various losses and improve motor efficiency. The methods adopted include: applying extraordinary off-line tools, increasing the stator slot full rate, increasing the cross-sectional area of ​​the copper wire; improving manufacturing accuracy, shortening the length of the coil end, enhancing the manufacturing quality of the punch and the stator core, thereby eliminating iron loss And the magnetizing current and the copper loss caused by it; improve the rotor slot insulation process to reduce the load and miscellaneous loss; select the silicon steel sheet reasonably to reduce the iron loss and the stator copper loss.

The methods to reduce the copper loss of the stator mainly include reducing the stator resistance and shortening the length of the winding end; thinning the insulation, increasing the slot full rate, increasing the cross-sectional area of ​​the wire, recycling new materials and reducing the resistivity of the magnet wire;

The method to reduce the aluminum consumption of the rotor mainly includes the recovery of the rotor slot shape with a large cross-sectional area, the enlargement of the end ring section, the improvement of the aluminum purity, and the reduction of the rotor resistance;

The method of reducing iron loss mainly includes the recovery of low-loss high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, eliminating the eddy current loss of the motor; adjusting the groove shape, selecting a reasonable magnetic flux density, eliminating the fundamental wave iron loss; increasing the core length and eliminating the magnetic flux density to reduce the loss ; Improve the quality of iron core manufacturing and ensure the insulation of the appearance of the silicon steel sheet;

The methods to reduce machine consumption mainly include high-efficiency electric fan layout and fair air path, improve the roughness of the blade appearance, make the appearance smooth, improve the efficiency of the electric fan, and reduce wind wear; use high-quality low-friction bearings, grease, and reduce friction loss; improve The accuracy of shape and position tolerance, guarantee the assembly quality of the whole motor, reduce friction loss, etc.;

The method of low stray loss mainly includes the recovery of multiple slots in stator slots, elimination of stator and rotor slot widths, recovery of non-magnetic materials at both ends of the core; recovery of "sine" windings to weaken high-order harmonics in the magnetic field and reduce additional losses. Appropriately increase the air gap, the rotor recovers fewer slots, recovers the magnetic slot wedges, accurately controls the chute degree, and recovers the extraordinary chute.

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