Early maintenance of gear reducer

Update:19 Aug 2020

The formation of pitting corrosion is bound to cause great harm to the gear reducer, resulting in the normal operation of the reducer. Therefore, equipment manufacturers should pay special attention to and avoid the formation of early pitting corrosion when using the reducer.

(1) In the process of gear repair and reassembly of gear reducer, strictly implement the maintenance process procedures to ensure that the gears of each part are installed in place, and at the same time, the impurities in the contact parts are removed, and the axial clearance of gears is adjusted, so as to ensure the contact area of gear teeth and improve the contact accuracy of gear reducer gears.

(2) The lubricating oil of gear reducer shall be lubricated in strict accordance with the type of lubricating oil required by the reducer itself. Mixed use of different types of lubricating oil is prohibited. Meanwhile, the quality of lubricating oil shall be guaranteed. It is strictly forbidden to use lubricating oil with expired deterioration.

(3) Gear reducer gears in the material selection standards strictly, can not choose the quality of unqualified materials, at the same time, in the heat treatment process of gears, those unqualified gear products are resolutely eliminated.

(4) In the early use process, in addition to paying attention to various matters, the gear reducer should be cleaned in time. When cleaning and maintaining the gearbox, the original oil supply and drainage system and filtered lubricating oil can be used to clean the gearbox, and any hardware facilities of the gearbox can not be changed.


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