Difference between two phase stepping motor and five phase stepping motor and how to choose

Update:23 Dec 2020

What are the differences between two-phase stepping motor and five phase stepping motor? How to choose a suitable motor product?
Stepping motor has been widely used in various industrial automation industries. Stepper motors are classified according to the number of phases, among which two-phase and five-phase stepping motors are most widely used. The two-phase stepping motor can be divided into 400 equal parts per revolution, and the five-phase stepping motor can be divided into 1000 equal parts. Therefore, the five phase stepping motor has better characteristics, shorter acceleration and deceleration time and lower dynamic inertia.
So what is the difference between two-phase stepping motor and five-phase stepping motor, and how to choose it?
In this regard, we suggest that the two-phase stepping motor has low cost, but the vibration is large at low speed, and the torque drops rapidly at high speed. Five phase stepping motor has less vibration and better high-speed performance, which is 30-50% higher than that of two-phase stepping motor, and can replace servo motor in some occasions.
Difference comparison of two phase / five phase stepping motor:
Motor construction:
Two phase stepping motor: 8 main poles?; 4-phase (2-phase) 4-pole coil
Five? Pole motors
Decomposition energy:
Two phase stepper motor: 1.8 ° / 0.9 ° (200, 400 split / turn)
Five phase stepping motor: 0.72 ° / 0.36 ° (500, 1000 division / turn), 2.5 times higher than that of two-phase stepping motor
The control accuracy is different: the step angle of two-phase hybrid stepping motor is generally 3.6 ° and 1.8 ° and that of five phase hybrid stepping motor is 0.72 ° and 0.36 ° respectively
Two phase stepper motor: 100-200pps for low-speed resonance field, vibration is large, no significant resonance point
Five phase stepping motor: low vibration, speed torque characteristics, high speed, high torque


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