Characteristics of BLDCM

Update:14 Dec 2019

BLDCM, with small size, high torque, low noise and other characteristics, is suitable for automobiles, home appliances, office machinery, residential
To meet the needs of customers for lightweight and energy saving. Now DC motor manufacturers can produce different products with their own technical advantages
All devices basically have a common principle. Next, I will introduce its working principle to you.
1. DC motor rotates through the interaction of two magnetic fields. The stator is fixed by a permanent magnet or an excited electromagnet
A series of electromagnets that produce a magnetic field when current flows through one of the windings. For a brush DC motor, the change on the rotor
The brush supplies power to each winding as the motor rotates.
2. The energized rotor winding and the stator magnet have opposite polarity, so they attract each other and make the rotor rotate to the position aligned with the stator magnetic field
When aligning the position, the brush supplies power to the next group of windings through the commutator, so as to keep the rotor rotating.
3. The DC motor is fixed with a ring-shaped permanent magnet, and the current flows through the coil on the rotor to generate the Loren magnetic force. When the coil on the rotor is connected with the
Then the direction of the magnetic field will change, so at this time, the brush at the end of the rotor contacts with the conversion plate alternately, so that the current on the coil is square
The direction of Loren's magnetic force is the same, so the motor can rotate in one direction.

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