Can ordinary three-phase asynchronous electric performance be used as a variable frequency speed moto

Update:23 Apr 2021

With the growth of modern household products, variable-frequency speed-regulating motors have become the preferred power equipment for industry equipment such as fans and pumps. Some customers ask Wanbang Motor: Can ordinary three-phase asynchronous electric performance be used as a variable frequency speed control motor?

The answer must be impossible. Ordinary three-phase asynchronous motors are designed to run at constant power and constant frequency from the beginning of the design, and the layout does not fit the scale of the use of variable frequency speed regulation. It can be seen from the following points.

1. Insulation grade requirements of variable frequency speed control motors are higher

Generally, the insulation grade of the inverter motor is F or higher, which enhances the insulation strength to the ground and the insulation strength of the turns, and particularly optimizes the ability of the motor insulation to withstand the attack voltage.

2. The vibration and noise requirements of variable frequency motors are higher

The frequency conversion speed control motor fully considers the rigidity of the motor components and the whole, and strives to increase its natural frequency to avoid resonance with each force wave.

In addition, the variable frequency motors produced by Wanbang Motor will experience a series of dynamic balance and noise detection before leaving the factory to ensure that the variable frequency motors delivered to customers have less vibration and noise.

3. The difference between the cooling method of frequency conversion motor and ordinary motor

The frequency conversion motor recycles independent ventilation and cooling, that is, the main motor heat dissipation fan recycles an independent motor drive.

4. Differences in cover requirements

IMC’s opportunity to recover insulated bearings for variable frequency motors with a capacity higher than 160KW is to prevent the occurrence of magnetic circuit differentials and shaft currents.

Because when the currents generated by other high-frequency components are united and contaminated, the shaft current will greatly increase, which will easily cause damage to ordinary bearings, so Wanbang will optimize the insulation method for high-power inverter motors.

For the high-speed inverter motor, the speed is higher than 3000/min, and the extraordinary high-temperature-resistant grease is recovered to compensate for the temperature rise of the bearing.

5. The difference of heat dissipation system between ordinary motor and variable frequency motor

The variable frequency motor cooling fan recycles independent power supply to ensure continuous heat dissipation.

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