Advantages of three-stage gear reducer

Update:17 Jun 2020

Compared with single-stage reducer, three-stage gear reducer has many advantages, so although it has higher requirements and more expensive cost in production, a large number of people will choose to use such a reducer. In fact, in the current use of equipment, some high-standard mechanical equipment is to need such a reducer to complete the production task.
Generally speaking, the three-stage gear reducer can realize the stable work of constant transmission ratio in an instant, so that the whole operation process can be completed in a smooth process, rather than the fluctuation of speed and rotation torque like other types of reducer, thus damaging the whole set of reducer.
In addition, the size of the three-stage gear reducer is smaller in the radial direction, so that its volume and weight can be greatly reduced, which makes it easier to assemble. In terms of working state, it can also provide the most effective deceleration effect, reduce the moment when rotating as much as possible, and extend the service life.

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